Two players lead Mouflon Chess Championship 2020!

by Mark Bryan

by Mark Bryan

FIDE Instructor | FIDE Arbiter | ECU Certified School Chess Teacher

Ekin Arca goes top with 3 out of 3! Demetris Regginos joins him as he continues his strong performance with a victory against Kosmas Karagiannis. On Board 3 we saw a terrible game played by Mark Bryan which he lost easily against Fivos Kourouyiannis. 

Playing Venue

Mouflon Chess Championship 2020 - Round 3

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The Mouflon Chess Championship 2020 is taking place for the first time. It takes place from February 4th until March 17th at The Collection Gallery in Nicosia. It is a seven round swiss system. Rounds are every Tuesday at 7PM.

Board 1

Ekin Arca
Ekin won comfortably against ...
Nakis Christofides
... Nakis Christofides

Board 2

Demetris Regginos
Demetris Regginos won his third game against ...
Kosmas Karagiannis
... Kosmas Karagiannis

Board 3

Fivos Kourouyiannis
Fivos Kourouyiannis won easily against ...
Mark Bryan
... Mark Bryan who played terribly

Board 4

Andreas Georgiou
AGM Andreas Georgiou drew comfortably against ...
Paris Klerides
... FM Paris Klerides

Board 5

Ioannis Bekiaris
Ioannis Tsiolakis was held to a draw by ...
Arda Kole
... youngster Arda Kole

Board 6

Kyriakos Georgiou
Kyriakos Georgiou won against ...
Kypros Evangelides
... Kypros Evangelides

Board 7

Human Norman
Human Norman checkmated his young opponent ...
Ermogenis Pataisias
... Ermogenis Pataisias

Board 8

Ionut Uliniuc
Ionut Uliniuc drew against ...
Christos Christodoulides
... Christos Christodoulides

Board 9

Ioannis Bekiaris
Ioannis Bekiaris won against ...
Andreas Kyriakides
... Andreas Kyriakides

Board 10

Konstantinos Karathymios
Konstantinos Karathymios won his first game against ...
Kriton Tornaritis
... Kriton Tornaritis

More action next Tuesday at 7PM!


Rank Name Rating Points
1 Ekin Arca 1825 3
2 Demetris Regginos 3
3 Fivos Kourouyiannis 1711 2.5
4 Nakis Christofides 1764 2
5 FM Paris Klerides 2140 2

Full standings can be found here>>


Only participants of the Mouflon Chess Championship 2020 can view the games.


April 2020

Giorgos Georgiou Memorial

The Giorgos Georgiou Memorial will take place on 5 April in Larnca from 9 AM until 12 PM. There will be two tournaments. A 8 player double round-robin invitational tournament and an open 13-round tournament. The time control will be 5 minutes for the whole game.

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