Mouflon Chess Challenge April 2020: Papatryfonos vs Kefalas

by Mark Bryan

by Mark Bryan

FIDE Instructor | FIDE Arbiter | ECU Certified School Chess Teacher

Today in the Mouflon Chess Challenge Konstantinos Papatryfonos and Loukas Kefalas will battle over a six game match for the last place in the Semi-Finals at 8 PM!

The last quarter-final match between Konstantinos Papatryfonos and Loukas Kefalas will be broadcasted live on our YouTube Channel with our great commentary team. The commentary will be in English.


Konstantinos Papatryfonos

Konstantinos Papatryfonos is a four-time Chess Olympiad participant for the Cyprus National Team including a first board in 2004 Chess Olympiad in Calvia. Konstantinos has not played a standard game since 2014! In 2018, he came back for a rapid tournament and help his club to 2nd place in the Cyprus Club Chess Championship. His rating is 2133 which makes him number 14 in the rating list (inactive included).

Loukas Kefalas

Loukas Kefalas was one of the most promising youngsters in Cyprus. He is the highest rated player ever from Famagusta, Cyprus. His most successfull year was 2014 where he did well in the Cyprus Open (including an important victory against FM Paris Klerides, who is one of the most successfull chess players ever in Cyprus) and qualified for the Cyprus Closed Chess Championship. In the Cyprus Closed Chess Championship he played some impressive games including his draw against GM Andreas Kelires which prevented Andreas from making it a perfect 9 out of 9.


Konstantinos Papatryfonos and Loukas Kefalas have not played against each other any official FIDE Rated Game. If you compare their ratings to find out the predicted score it is a bit above 4.5-1.5. Anyway this match will be really interesting as Konstantinos Papatryfonos is not really an active player and Loukas Kefalas keeps some activity with his participation in the Scottish National Chess League.

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