Mouflon Chess Challenge May 2020 - Knock-Out Phase

by Mark Bryan

by Mark Bryan

FIDE Instructor | FIDE Arbiter | ECU Certified School Chess Teacher

The knock-out phase of the Mouflon Chess Challenge May 2020 will start on Friday 1st May, at 8 PM with the first Last 16 match Konstantinos Dermatopoulos and Kypros Evangelides. 4 titled players are taking part, a FIDE Master, two Candidate Masters, and an Arena International Master. 

Broadcasting & Streaming

All Mouflon Chess Challenge May 2020 Matches will be broadcasted and streamed live with our commentators on our YouTube Channels.


  • FM Tomas Danada
  • CM Ioannis Damianou
  • Konstantinos Markidis
  • CM Andreas Demosthenous
  • Konstantinos Dermatopoulos
  • Kosmas Karagiannis
  • Marios Savva
  • Fivos Kourouyiannis
  • Kemal Yildirim
  • AIM Vassilis Aristotelous
  • Demetris Sofokleous
  • Kypros Evangelides
  • Konstantinos Karathymios
  • Rafail Antoniou
  • Matvei Lavrishchev
  • Samuel Johannes Constantinou


Last 16

May 1: Last 16 Match 1 at 8 PM

Konstantinos Dermatopoulos vs Kypros Evangelides

May 2: Last 16 Match 2 at 8 PM

CM Ioannis Damianou vs Matvei Lavrishchev

May 3: Last 16 Match 3 at 8 PM

Konstantinos Markides vs Rafail Antoniou

May 4: Last 16 Match 4 at 8 PM

CM Andreas Demosthenous vs Konstantinos Karathymios

May 5: Last 16 Match 5 at 8 PM

FM Tomas Danada vs Samuel Johannes Constantinou

May 6: Last 16 Match 6 at 7 PM

Kosmas Karagiannis vs Demetris Sofokleous

May 7: Last 16 Match 7 at 8 PM

Marios Savva vs AIM Vassilis Aristotelous

May 8: Last 16 Match 8 at 8 PM

Fivos Kourouyiannis vs Kemal Yildirim


May 11: Quarter-Final 1 at 8 PM

CM Andreas Demosthenous vs Konstantinos Dermatopoulos

May 12: Quarter-Final 2 at 8 PM

CM Ioannis Damianou vs Kemal Yildirim

May 13: Quarter-Final 3 at 8 PM

Konstantinos Markidis vs Kosmas Karagiannis

May 14: Quarter-Final 4 at 8 PM

FM Tomas Danada vs AIM Vassilis Aristotelous


May 18: Semi-Final 1 at 8 PM

May 20: Semi-Final 2 at 8 PM


May 22: Final at 8 PM

Knock-Out Format


  • The 16 players who will play in the knock-out stages will be selected by Mark Bryan's own discretion.
  • 6 will be selected from the two Qualifiers Tournament, 3 will be selected from the Pafos Online Chess Championship, and 7 players will be invited.
  • Matches consist of 6 games of 5+3 blitz games.
  • The White player will challenge the Black player for the first game. Players are then expected to rematch until the last game.
  • Players who score the most points after six games wins the match and moves onto the next round
  • If the match is tied, a tie-break of four games of 3+2 will be played.
  • If the match is still tied, then a single Armageddon will be played. White gets five minutes and Black gets three minutes. Black has the draw odds. The lower-seeded player chooses between White and Black.


  • Players are not allowed to listen in to the official commentary team.
  • Players are required to be comfortable with's online board and pieces, guarantee they have a stable connection, and be familiar with the interface. As no mouseslips, takebacks, and reversals of results will be accepted.
  • If a player experiences connection problems between games, we will wait a maximum of 10 minutes.


  • Players must log on to Zoom 15 minutes before match start to test connection and webcam.
  • Players must log on to 15 minutes before match start
  • Players might be required to be on open call for match security.
  • Players are required to join the commentators after the match for interviews. Interviews will take place no later than five minutes after match conclusion.

Further Information

You can find further information on our website’s blog, facebook page, and instagram page.

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