Konstantinos Michaelides wins Mouflon Chess Challenge April 2020

by Mark Bryan

by Mark Bryan

FIDE Instructor | FIDE Arbiter | ECU Certified School Chess Teacher

Konstantinos Michaelides wins the Mouflon Chess Challenge April 2020 Final. Konstantinos Michaelides won against Alexandros Isaakidis 3,5-2,5 in yesterday’s Final Match. The match was tied at 2,5-2,5 going into the last game, which Konstantinos won that also won the match.

Game 1: Konstantinos Michaelides 0-1 Alexandros Isaakidis

Konstantinos Michaelides played the English Opening in which he left the Opening with several problems. Alexandros Isaakidis improved his advantage until he made few inaccuracies which gave Konstantinos an opportunity to trade down into a double rook endgame. In time pressure Konstantinos made several mistakes which cost him the game. 

Game 2: Alexandros Isaakidis 0-1 Konstantinos Michaelides

Alexandros Isaakidis came out of the opening with space issues which gave Konstantinos Michaelides a comfortable advantage. In the time-trouble Alexandros tried to find some active counterplay with g2-g4-g5 which turned out to just make things worse, and Konstantinos punished White leading to him equalizing the match.

Game 3: Konstantinos Michaelides 1-0 Alexandros Isaakidis

Again, Alexandros Isaakidis came out of the opening with an advantage, and due to some inaccuracies Konstantinos simplified the position down to a Queen’s Endgame where he started pressing and in the end Alexandros blundered his queen.

Game 4: Alexandros Isaakidis 1/2-1/2 Konstantinos Michaelides

Alexandros Isaakidis went all-out attack in search to equalize the match but took it to far as 9.g4? simply blunders. Konstantinos Michaelides took full advantage, and gained a clear advantage. Alexandros found an interesting series of moves leading to an opposite bishop endgame which was lost but gave him good chances to rescue the game. Konstantinos missed the last possible victory with 58. … Bxg4? after which Alexandros played accurately and secured the draw.

Game 5: Konstantinos Michaelides 0-1 Alexandros Isaakidis

Again Alexandros Isaakidis made a blunder in the opening to go a pawn down. The tide turned on move 21 with White’s 21. Bd3?? which Alexandros punished ruthlessly and took the full point to equalize the match.

Game 6: Alexandros Isaakidis 0-1 Konstantinos Michaelides

An interesting last round game in which both players are trying to gain the full point. Both players reached under a minute by move 25 in which Alexandros Isaakidis had a nice advantage. With both players around 10 seconds on the clock Konstantinos found a nice move to equalize the position and Alexandros started making mistakes which in the end cost him a piece and eventually the game and match.

# Flag Name Rating Club 1 2 3 4 5 6 Score
1 flag, country, cyprus-1040575 Konstantinos Michaelides 2260 Larnaca Chess Club 0 1 1 1/2 0 1 3,5 / 6
2 flag, country, cyprus-1040575 Alexandros Isaakidis 2220 Paphos Chess Club 1 0 0 1/2 1 0 3 / 6

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