Mouflon Chess Match: Marios Savva wins against Mark Bryan

by Mark Bryan

by Mark Bryan

FIDE Instructor | FIDE Arbiter | ECU Certified School Chess Teacher

Yesterday at the first Mouflon Chess Match, Marios Savva won comfortably against Mark Bryan with three victories to one. The match was decided in the last game.

The Mouflon Chess Match is a new series of Matches which will take place throughout the year in which Mark Bryan challenges another player to a match. Each match we will see a different player. At each match both players will take turns commentating during the games, giving the spectators an insight into what the plans are behind their moves.

# Flag Name Rating Club 1 2 3 4 Score
1 flag, country, cyprus-1040575 Marios Savva 1763 Paphos Chess Club 1 1 0 1 3 / 4
2 flag, country, cyprus-1040575 Mark Bryan 1756 Paphos Chess Club 0 0 1 0 1 / 4

Mark Bryan 0-1 Marios Savva

Marios Savva wins the first game with ease against Mark Bryan. Mark did not play the French Defence correctly and played b3 and c4 at the wrong time to go a piece down early on, then he continued to play recklessly and with three pieces down, finally resigned.

Marios Savva 1-0 Mark Bryan

Again Marios Savva came out of the opening with an advantage. Mark tried to get some play by sacrificing a piece for some pawns which worked until Mark became too greedy and took a pawn, which cost him the game.

Mark Bryan 1-0 Marios Savva

Mark keeps the match alive with a nice victory. Marios Savva equalized easily and then obtained a slight edge. Marios misplayed the position giving Mark the advantage and in the end resigned a few moves after going a pawn down.

Marios Savva 1-0 Mark Bryan

Marios Savva wins last game and the match. The game was equal for most of the game until Mark went again for pawn grabbing which again led to a lost position which Marios Savva took full advantage of and converted to a victory.

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